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the answer

The following is relevant to, like, two people...

If you know nothing about seiyuu (Japanese voice actors), please skip to my post about my dad being weird. For anyone who happens to be left, brace yourselves for some admittedly old seiyuu news that at least came as a shock to me...

Kawakami Tomoko passed away in June.

I am in fucking SHOCK. I did not hear about this one at ALL. People, why did you not TELL me!?

RIP, Kawakami-san. T_T


I was scrolling down the list of her works, and only recognized two:

Descendants of Darkness - Kazusa Otonashi
Saiyuki Reload series - Lirin

I don't remember Kazusa very well, but Lirin...;_; ;_; ;_;

Yeah, Kawakami Tomoko starred in a lot of things that I absolutely adored, so I was totally in shock. My BFF has been (temporarily) fired from her position for not telling me. lol