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Coming to America

Well, I am back in the States. I somehow managed to unpack fairly quickly, and I've been spending the time doing American things: eating at Taco Bell, shopping, driving on freeways that are permanently under construction, watching TV, and attending chili cook-offs. I've also been having fun just bonding with my parents, although my father's tastes still amaze me sometimes. We actually had the following conversation today:

Minako-chan: [watching "What Not to Wear"]
Daddy: [wandering into the room] Did you get this kind of TV in Japan?
Minako-chan: [assuming that he means random cable shows] No, not quite like this.
Daddy: I love this show. [pointing to Stacy] She's quite good; she always tells it like it is.
Minako-chan: ???
Daddy: [watches for a bit before laughing] Look at what she was wearing! Some of these makeovers are great.

I... had no idea that my dad was a not-so-secret lover of fashion makeover shows. Especially when he prides himself on finding clothes off the clearance rack at Kohl's.

EDIT: OMG, I just caught him watching a Disney Channel Original Movie. My dad is bizarre.


lol, your dad sounds awesome...and there's nothing wrong with Disney :O (well, okay, there's LOTS wrong with/at disney, but you know what I mean:P)

welcome back to the madhouse, btw, lol. what part of the states are you in again? o.O

Well, I'm in the Southern half. Hence, chili cook-off. (lol) But I'll be (hopefully) moving once I find a job. [cross fingers]
lol, I'm in Texas...I don't THINK there's any chili cookoffs here, but I tend to avoid the natives anyway, so I can't be sure:P

lucky you, if you get to move...I want to move back to Baltimore, but I don't see that happening anytime soon:(