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T-Minus 11 Days

NO, I'M NOT FREAKING OUT ABOUT LEAVING JAPAN; WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. [paaaaack need to paaaaaack] But putting aside the (massive amounts of) panic, I've actually been having a good time just getting together with friends and being productive. Two weekends ago, some girlfriends and I decided that we would do something very different and Japanese: we would all get decked out in kimono, eat good food (note to Mako-chan: including the matcha store that has two shops in Tokyo and headquarters in Gion), and then see kabuki. And lo, it was pretty awesome.

FYI, I have literally never worn orange in my life. See? How adventurous am I?

Anyway, the big event was the FOUR HOUR kabuki show. We were admittedly thinking about leaving during the second intermission, but as it turned out, the kabuki show was totally awesome. It was the Ichikawa Ennosuke version of "Toryu Oguri Hangan", and it was hysterically bizarre and action filled. There was an acrobatic horse (played by two guys in a horse outfit, which was cheesy up until it started bucking up onto two feet and running around and letting the hero ride it... at which point we turned to each other and went, "Man, that horse was AWESOME"); a hysterical comedy of errors; a fight between one guy and about 20 fishermen; a hero who committed seppuku (thus causing a WATERFALL of blood on the stage) and then engaged in, like, three fights with a guy who WOULD NOT DIE; a couple of floating balls of green fire; a series of coincidences leading to a few surprise reunions and an accidental family killing; a flying horse (which was less cool than the acrobatic horse until it actually took off and flew over the audience); a fight against the bad guys who were either symbolic or literal tengu, I couldn't tell which; and (shockingly enough) an actual happy ending. It was super fun.

Last weekend, I went to Busan, South Korea, to watch johnabe get married to his South Korean bride. There were lots of hysterical series of interpretations from Korean to Japanese to English and back again, but somehow the conversation kept flowing. And obviously, the bride and groom were awesome. Here they are below:

It's their custom Rabbids cake topper, and trust me, it totally looks like them. Anyway, I spent some time wandering around Busan by myself, and I made a few awesome discoveries.

Discovery #1: Red Velvet

I wasn't feeling hot, but it was all made better when I wandered into "Red Velvet", a specialty cupcake shop. [CHEER!] I don't consider it REAL red velvet (red velvet cake always should be chocolate, imho), but it was still delicious, and the shop itself was absolutely adorable. I would totally go every day if I lived there.

Discovery #2: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

No, seriously. It's a "pub restaurant" in Busan, South Korea. I didn't actually go in, but I did pass it at night, so I can safely inform you that the appropriate music for an IASiP pub restaurant in South Korea is, obviously, trance music. Obviously.

Discovery #3: FN Tacos

I later realized that the "FN" in "FN TACOS" stands for "Fuzzy Navel", but I still think that FN TACOS is the best name for a restaurant, ever.
"What do you want for dinner tonight?"
"I'm in the mood for some FN TACOS."
See? Sheer brilliance. I sincerely hope that there's a whole chain of FN restaurants, so that people can argue whether they're in the mood for FN tacos, FN pizza, or just plain FN food.

Discovery #4: Gambit's Evil Twin
I was on the subway, when I saw this advertisement for a CG animation school.

As anyone who knows me would realize, my very first thought was, "It's Gambit! On a subway ad in South Korea!" Sure I adore Gambit, and so do most people I know, and sure he's a uniquely stylized male character, but he's not exactly the most well known superhero amongst non-fans. As I pondered questions like, "Why Gambit?" and "Am I supposed to know these other people?" and "Seriously, are they allowed to use Gambit?" I peered closer and suddenly realized why it was a-okay: It's NOT Gambit. It's hard to tell with the low quality pics, but can you see it?

See? He's got a MUSTACHE. He doesn't just have a mustache, in fact; he has a full-out PORNstache. See? TOTALLY NOT GAMBIT at ALL. It's some other character. From an evil alternate universe. With mustaches.

Anyway, I should probably get back to packing. And throwing lots and lots of stuff away. Yikes!


Hehehe wow, that's some adventure!
I miss you and John so much. I wish I could have been there to see the wedding. I'm so happy for him.
The pics you posted (both here and on FB) are great.
That kimono looks amazing and if that is you it complements your coloring really well. That cafe shot looks delicious ^^.
Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!