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Uta Heta

There was a news article recently about Wakabayashi (from the comedy duo Audrey) singing the theme to... a Disney Channel animated movie or something, which was horrifying because Wakabayashi is a TERRIBLE singer. And so I've been spending the past day watching clips from Uta Heta Tournament. Here's some of my favorites (note: links not embedded due to the sheer number).

(1) Comedian Hakata Daikichi: I Wish (by EXILE)
I always want to root for him because he always looks so frightened while he sings. This performance is simply spectacular; I don't think most people could make their voice break so much if they TRIED.

(2) Comedienne Miura Yasuko: Yeah! Meccha Policy (by Matsuura Aya)
It's ALL fantastic, but I really kinda want the initial "Yeah meccha holiday~!" as a ring tone.

(3) Comedian Zun Iio: Guts da ze(?) (by Ulfuls)
He apparently decided to go with the William Shatner method of singing, and it's FANTASTIC.

(4) But my personal favorite it still Wakabayashi. He simply cracks me up. Not only is he completely insistent that he's ALMOST there, but he's just, well...

4a. Sakura (by Moriyama Naotaro)

4b. Shimauta (by The Boom)

4c. Real Face (by KAT-TUN)

There's a reason why Wakabayashi has "won" two championships.

(5) And finally, this is what happens when three of your "stars" come together for a collaboration:

Wakabayashi, talent Yamaguchi Moe, and comedian Ozawa: Winding Road (by Ayaka & Kobukuro)
This is seriously one of my favorite videos of all time. OMG TEARS down my FACE.

BONUS: For some reason, someone turned two of Wakabayashi's performances into half-animated manga versions. It's fantastic! Here's manga-Wakabayashi singing Greeeen's Kiseki and Da Pump's Gokizen da ze.