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What are you DOING out there?

So our apartment building is undergoing relatively major construction. Basically, they are resurfacing all external surfaces, and so far they have set up scaffolding around the entire building and stripped off every last bit of paint/spackle/other stuff that should not be stripped off (I will get more on that later). It's been going on for about two months so far, and will last after I'm gone until December.

Due to the scaffolding, the fact that I work at home now, and the fact that you never know when someone will drop onto your balcony, I've been keeping the drapes closed and haven't seen the sun in my apartment for a very long time now. This has lead to some interesting situations so far:
  • On the day that they stripped off the paint from my balcony, there were TWO points where there was simply a massive BANG, at one point followed by loud cursing. I almost poked my head through the curtains to make sure that the worker was still alive, but I didn't want to risk scaring him further.
  • When I did poke my head out the next day, I noticed that they managed to knock off a giant 2-foot long strip of molding from the top of the balcony. I guess that's where the cursing came from...
  • Due to A) heavy vibrations from construction equipment and B) a very poorly designed outlet, the water heater on my balcony has become unplugged twice, due to the plug simply falling out of the outlet. Interestingly enough, without electricity, water will not even flow through the hot water tap. I can only get water through my cold water tap.
Today was even more exciting. Here is what happened:
  • While working on my balcony, the worker managed to short the main fuse to my apartment. On the plus side, I got to use my emergency mini-lantern for the first time. Although in hindsight, I should have probably warned the guy before I turned the switch back on, just in case. (Note: Nothing happened, but still, I probably should have at least checked.)
  • I noticed that my water heater was unplugged again. I grumbled, mainly because I was going to wash my sheets this morning. I decided to do it in the evening when I had a chance to go outside and plug the damned thing back in.
  • I got a visit from the building supervisor and the construction supervisor. Apparently, not only did my water heater get unplugged, but they managed to cut straight through the cord while working. The construction supervisor said that they were going to get an electrician out to fix it, hopefully tonight, but it'd be completely out of commission until then. And then the construction supervisor said the weirdest thing ever:

    "But it's not like you use it, right?"

    I think I kinda gaped at him blankly, and I had to ask him to repeat himself because I thought that I was majorly missing something in translation. He was like, "No, you don't use your water heater, right? Because it was unplugged." And I was like, "It unplugs itself, due to the construction." I didn't say what I was really thinking, which was, "Who the hell NEVER uses their water heater!?"
So long story short, I am again without hot water for the day, and I sincerely hope that they turn that shit back on by tonight.