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Why do I not have an icon that exemplifies my sheer panic?

To make a long story short, I am in my last month in Japan.



I'm still feeling very conflicted about it. It's the right time for me, but I've lived in Tokyo for the past SEVEN YEARS which is, quite frankly, three years longer than I have lived in one place my entire life. Right now, my main concern is trying to pack up and clean out. Holy... you will never feel more of an urge to give up all possessions and live like a monk than when you're attempting to move house halfway around the globe. I'll be chucking out a LOT of stuff, and it's slightly disturbing.

On the other hand, I rechecked the local garbage laws and it turns out that I have STILL be separating my garbage wrong... Shibuya has a rather, um, LOOSE definition of "burnable garbage", which basically includes anything that, if chucked into a high-pressure heat, will eventually light on fire. This includes heavy plastics and CDs. I... whatever. Just as long as you take my trash, Shibuya.


When I moved house I used a shipping company. They rent out containers from 1m3 upwards. Together with my friend we ended up at a little above that. That great thing is that they come to your house and pick everything up (it should be boxed at that point tough). Back home you pick it up at their distributor.
In my case, since I can't really take back any major electronics, and since I don't have enough other stuff to take back, it was far far cheaper to ship everything by myself. As for getting rid of stuff... I'm definitely having a company take away the bigger stuff, but I want to save money, so I'm trying to calculate what to have them take away versus what can I get to the curb for trash pickup by myself... it's complicated. lol!
I feel for you - and I only had to move three years of stuff (but actually my first bought furniture) with a van hired within the same town.

I have no problem with moving, but it's the idea of A) moving OVERSEAS and B) moving when you're not actually taking half of your stuff that's getting to me. Le sigh!
Oh, I misunderstood that. I've only moved to another European country so far, so best of luck to you there!
No matter where or with how much you're moving, it's still never fun. lol Still, I found out that the guy moving in after me wants to take some of my furniture, so I'm resisting the urge to start shouting, "Take EVERYTHING!!" at him. I'll probably still try to sneak stuff in. "No, no, that basket was ALWAYS there, came with the house, yeah..."