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ron gets whupped

In conclusion, yeah, it's pretty buggy.

This week I've been working at a company translating bug reports. (Note: I am not actally TESTING for bugs; I simply need to translate everything so that the two teams in Japan and the US can communicate with each other, so it's fairly relaxed.) We normally get 15 bug reports a day. And then... there was today.

Minako-chan: [to translation supervisor] Just an FYI, we got 70 bug reports today.
Translation Supervisor: [EYES BUG OUT] [suddenly calms down] OMG you totally scared me. [laughing] I thought you said something else. Yeah, you should be able to handle 17.
Minako-chan: 70. Seven-zero.
Translation Supervisor: [LOST IN PANIC]

Tomorrow's the last day of my contract, so yeah, sorry dude. I'll do my best...? ;^_^

Friday Update: For those who are curious, I beat the current record by plowing through 47 bug reports today. When I left, there were about 220 in the queue to be translated. lol Yeah, sorry dudes. Have fun next week!