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My life! (And shopping)

For better or worse, my life isn't very exciting right now. I'm doing the occasional translation or proofreading from my old company, but mainly I've been relaxing, cleaning, organizing, and gaming. It's been... not quite a month, and I'm still technically on the payroll until the 25th, so I think there's still the slight feeling that I'm only on vacation and not actually out of a job. But it's been fun. I've gone out to eat with pretty much everyone I know, getting to know co-workers better than I did the entire time that I was actually working. I've finished the single player game on Portal 2 (somehow managing to keep from hurling due to motion sickness as I fling myself around with physics), and I've been plowing through End of Eternity (or Resonance of Fate in the US). I've even managed to sort through my clothes and come up with a pile of stuff that I need to give away (which is a lot freaking harder to do in Japan; there's all sorts of restrictions and/or you actually have to ship the clothes to the location, so I'll probably end up selling the lot for a few yen at the recycle shop instead).

Since I've had the time, I've also done a lot of window-shopping, which has lead to me testing my wills against, you know, ACTUAL shopping. (You don't have money! Stop trying to throw money around, brain!) In particular, I have unfortunately fallen in love with a jewelry brand called Take-Up. It's tasteful and elegant, but unusually colorful with playful twists on the designs, which is pretty much everything that I adore.

For instance, I am painfully in love with this necklace:

Botanical necklace from Take-up

Isn't it just really really pretty? @_@ The multiple colors, the different shapes, the construction with the gold... it's pretty much everything that I look for in jewelry.

Also, this brand does elegant twists on Disney themes. (I'd seen their "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin" collections before.) Their latest is Tinkerbell, which leads to this amazing necklace:

Tinkerbell necklace from Take-Up

Get it!? It's Tinkerbell trapped in the lantern by Captain Hook. Subtle and elegant enough to wear pretty much anywhere, but secretly super playful and awesome, right?

They also have pretty incredible mix-and-match earrings that make me drool. (Elegant but dangling and colorful!? Sign me up!!) Unfortunately, as you may have noticed if you followed the links, the PRICE is not so awesome. T_T Ironically enough, I would be more likely to splurge and get something if I only liked one piece of their jewelry. But I like at least half of what they make, and I adore about half of that, which means that I can't even tell myself that it's okay to splurge and buy one item as an early birthday present. These are only TWO of my favorites, so don't even get me started on the rest of their collection.


Those are all super cute! I tried not to look too hard in case I found somthing I just absolutely loved. (The bunnies.. so cute!)

I don't get the pricing, though. I mean, I would expect a pair of earrings to be cheaper than the necklace, but a lot of them seem to be about the same. If they're real precious metals and gems, the prices on the necklaces don't seem that bad, but some of the peices look like they are enameled. Some look like they might have real opals, but I get a headache from trying to sound out katakana in my head, so I gave up trying to read product descriptions :P

I'm far from the voice of reason, though, because I think they're all cute and you should get all of them :X
I fell in love with a brand called "Pilgrim". They have a lot of flowery and colorful designs.

A necklace that I recently bought from them: http://www.amazon.de/PILGRIM-367-821-Halskette-vergoldet-orange/dp/B00404CYSS/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

And a ring that I love to pieces: http://www.amazon.de/PILGRIM-320-814-Fingerring-vergoldet-dunkel/dp/B00404D1OE/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

On sale it's cheap as dirt as well :)