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Home at last!

Well, after two weeks in the States, I'm back in Tokyo. (I flew in Sunday night and am therefore rather tired. T_T) Things seem fairly normal, if still big on the energy saving and with a lack of certain products, like milk and natto, in the stores. Also, I ended up with some truly truly scary lifeforms growing in my refrigerator that I hope I never have to see again. My family still seems a bit freaked out but I promised that I'd keep myself ready to flee again, and that seemed to reassure them.

Also, my co-workers had rather hysterical reactions upon seeing me at work again. One co-worker pulled off an honest-to-god delayed reaction double take when she saw me yesterday morning. (She said good morning, pulled out her chair, set down her bag, and then suddenly whipped around and went, "OMG, you're back!" It was pretty hysterical.) Another co-worker came in to work, settled down, and half an hour later suddenly looked up and said, "Hey, you're back!" (In his defense, it was Monday.)