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Damn you Anderson Cooper!

CNN's Anderson Cooper has apparently been reporting from Sendai (and how the hell did he get there so fast? did he beat the army? he better have brought a couple trunks full of water is all I'm saying), and Mommy watched his report before going to sleep Monday night. Apparently, he completely freaked her out with speculation about Fukushima. Me telling her stuff like, "No, if something happens, it won't be like Chernobyl; it'll be more like Three Mile Island" or "Worst comes to worst, I'll probably only get a few extra years worth of radiation in Tokyo!" didn't seem to calm her down for some reason (;^_^), and she immediately started asking whether I could maybe, you know, visit Osaka for a few months or come home or something. I am honestly, genuinely okay in Tokyo, but I'm starting to get upset that Mommy is so upset. So I've decided that I will blame it on all Anderson Cooper, because having someone to blame makes me feel better. [shakes fist] Damn you, Anderson Cooper.

For those who are curious, I've been reading lots of stuff, and for the love of pete... IT'S NOT THAT BAD (in Tokyo). Things are still dangerous for Fukushima locals, and if I lived in the northeast, I'd probably already be on a plane back to the States, but places farther out are FINE. TOKYO is fine. (CALIFORNIA is fine omg fellow americans...) So stop buying, like 20 cartons of milk. WTH are you going to do with that much milk before it expires? Just calm the hell down and we'll all be fine. (Sorry, but some of the hording that's happening in Tokyo from a small, panicked part of the population kinda ticks me off. Sendai needs the food and supplies more! Stop creating waste! Stock up on extra supplies, sure, but you don't need 60 freaking rolls of toilet paper RIGHT NOW. Holy crap.)


It's the news over here (and probably over there in the States as well). I just came back from Japan yesterday, but seeing the news over here I really start to worry, even though I know it's ridiculous... not for myself of course but those in Northern Japan.
Oh yes, I'm definitely worried about how people in Northern Japan are doing. But I'm not particularly worried about myself. Let's just keep hoping that things calm down at Fukushima soon!
Glad I read this post because the media here in the States really is feeding off of our fears and sensationalizing everything. I was starting to get very worried about you and John with all the reports about the radiation and such.

I emailed my host mom a few days ago but still haven't heard back from her. I really hope she and her family are okay. I haven't talked to her for years, so it's possible she changed her email. Still very worried about her though.
I've been reading links to science blogs and such in the hopes that they're a bit more accurate. Obviously things aren't puppies and cotton candy here in Tokyo, but I don't think that there's a good reason to start flailing in panic, either. We're okay!